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The Mission

Supporting on the ground nature conservation projects worldwide

Tackling the biodiversity crisis

We are witnessing an unprecedented biodiversity loss worldwide. Local projects that are active in conservation and restoration urgently need more money and attention. Our mission is to support a network of global biodiversity conservation projects that actively fight for the preservation of the most biodiversity-rich habitats of our planet.


Why MOA projects.?

Moa (order Dinornithiformes) were nine different species of large flightless, now extinct birds on the island of New Zealand. With the arrival of presumably Polynesian immigrants in the 13th century, the densely forested forests of New Zealand were deforested and the birds hunted. By the end of the 14th century,
all nine species of MOA were considered extinct as a result of habitat destruction and hunting, making it
an extremely poignant example of species extinction in recent human history. 
Now, 600 years later, we see MOA as an example of humanity's past relationship with human biodiversity
and an incentive to prevent any extinction of the species on our planet.

Forever. Day by day.  


By creating a worldwide network of global biodiversity conservation projects we want to give everyone the opportunity to directly support on the ground action in our world´s biodiversity hotspots.

Our vision is to create a nature restoration community that spreads the drive of nature conservation at every occasion.

The 6th mass extinction – happening right now

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Our Partner

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